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Upgrade your lighting to LED lights

Are you growing sick of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs? If so, then opt for smart lighting in your home or business. This is made possible with an LED lighting installation from our talented team.


After you've consulted our services, you'll never want to turn off your lights again.

We are committed to customer satisfaction

Not only do we stand by the fact that LED lights are superior to all other lighting options out there, but we encourage you to as well. Invest in our services and you'll experience guaranteed satisfaction.

Save money in the long run

By investing LED lights today, you will pay less on your utility bills tomorrow. See for yourself when you call and request a FREE estimate from Integrated Electrical Systems Inc.

Allow us to conquer both commercial and residential LED light installation jobs.

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The advantages of LED lighting

- More efficient

- Produces high-quality light

- Extremely long lasting


Every one of our staff member is fully trained to tackle your lighting project.